Throwing Bricks live session

Shouldering the Burden

Processing mental chaos and insecurities is the central theme of Throwing Bricks sophomore album ‘The Burden’.
In this live show we’ve literally put this mental chaos at the center of the show in the form of a large monolith.

Visuals from the avant-garde cult film A Page of Madness (1926) were projected onto the monolith. This film is about a man who works in a psychiatric institution to be closer to his admitted wife. During his shifts at the institution, he loses control over what is fantasy or reality.

The video was directed by my dear friend Gijs Walstra. Cris Mollee was in control of the projection mapping and the whole light show. And all visuals were made by me.  Working with these two people on putting music and emotions into lights and visuals was one of the highlights of 2022. 

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