Zeitgeist Festival

Stop, drop, rock-n-roll

Client: Doornroosje

S/o: Sjoerd Albers, Kirsten Heskamp & Studio Straycat

I love music. Without exaggerating it’s what my whole life is about. To be honest, all kinds of music. Ambient, Mali-blues, Gabber, Neo-Classical, Kraut, Death Metal, HipHop, Funk or Punk. I always had a sweet spot for anything harsh, angry, fast and noisy. So it felt like a huge honor to work for Zeitgeist Festival. The festival for cutting-edge experimental music in Doornroosje, Nijmegen.

Initially, Doornroosje asked me to animate their visual identity. In which I brought a static poster to life by creating a faux stop-motion effect. Starting from there, i’ve developed MOGRT-templates for every possible situation. This way Doornroosje was able to keep full control over their online presence. Eventually they even asked me to create my signature glitchy visual chaos for during the event. 


These glitch visuals were made by putting old video footage through a custom AI-model that i Trained¬† on paper-collages. As well as using several glitch and CRT plugins. It’s an accumulation of experiments. During the festival the visuals were being projected on a mega screen on the main stage and on narrowcasting screens throughout the building.



For social content purposes I developed an extensive modular template system. Giving Doornroosje complete control about their video content and the animations. Background, logo, transitions, title design and date are all available and customizable in a few clicks.

Somehow I totally didn’t think about bringing a proper camera to document this special experience. These mobile video’s will have to do.

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