A Brand New Filmmacht

Animating the new visual identity

Client: Filmmacht

S/o: Shaun & Jesper

Film production company Filmmacht believes real human stories are a superpower. A superpower capable of changing the world. They’d like to remind the world of how beautiful life (especially people) can be. By capturing the most beautiful human stories in film. 

To introduce this view on life I made two animations based on Filmmacht’s brandstory.

Templates for days

To keep on telling this story in their own branding, I’ve animated their new visual identity. And made every single animation editable through Motion Graphic Templates (MOGRTs) . I’ve created a custom CC-Library filled with templates for multiple situations. Such as different logo animations, editable text animations, backgrounds in all of the brand colours, new work showcases, new clients and so on.  

The following video is an example of the possibilities such templates have to offer.


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