Het P-Woord

Animating the new visual identity

Agency: Total Design

Client: bpfBOUW

S/o: Kassa, Joost, Maikel, Marieke, Huub & Joppe

Pension fund bpfBOUW provides pensions for construction workers.They arrange your pension, your money for later. For which it is important that you start building up on time, otherwise the pot may not be big enough for your plans. And that would be a shame. bpfBOUW offers an easy way to gain insight into your financial future: door ff het sommetje te maken!

To introduce this handy tool, we made 3 videos in which we brought the retirement dreams of several construction workers to life in a cheerful cartoon style.

Illustrations: Studio Marywood
Animation: Kassa Villahun & me
Edit: Joost Olsthoorn
Concept: Joppe Andriesen

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