Tag: Art direction & Design

  • TUV Nord Group

    TUV Nord Group

    Shouldering the Burden Agency: Total Design S/o: Uzair Mirza & Kassahun Villa   A global rebrand to modernise and unify an iconic German rooted organisation. Total Design delivered a modern branding with a flexible design system that can easily adapt to any application, while staying dynamic and recognizable. This casevideo was animated in collaboration with Kassahun…

  • 3 op Twitch

    3 op Twitch

    Visual identity for a brand new Twitch channel Client: NPO 3 S/o: Sandeur & Kas Dutch public-service broadcaster NTR broadened their reach by turning to Twitch. 3 op Twitch is a twice-a-week livestream which started in the summer of 2022. The visual identity and animations were made by me. https://vimeo.com/744184877https://vimeo.com/744184905https://vimeo.com/744185014

  • Freaky Dancing

    Freaky Dancing

    Experimental club night Client: EKKO S/o: Yannick Verhoeven, Dirk Baart, Cris Mollee Cas de Rooij Freaky Dancing is an experimental festival focussing on (digital) art & weird music.Blending live music, experimental electronics and contemporary art into one.Focussing on creating experiences, instead of getting headliners. See you next time! In the meantime, please check FreakyDancing.nl for more information.

  • Throwing Bricks live session

    Throwing Bricks live session

    Shouldering the Burden Band: Throwing Bricks S/o: Gijs Walstra, Cris Mollee, & TivoliVredenburg Processing mental chaos and insecurities is the central theme of Throwing Bricks sophomore album ‘The Burden’. In this live show we’ve literally put this mental chaos at the center of the show in the form of a large monolith. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZvPmzsI5p4 Visuals from…

  • De Mengtafel

    De Mengtafel

    A musical exploration Client: NPO Radio 4 S/o: Sjoerd, Fleur & Jesse  De Mengtafel is a new NTR podcast in which podcasthost Andrew Makkinga invites dj’s from the electronic scene to dive into classical music. One classical piece is the starting point for a journey through music. De Mengtafel is a collaboration between NTR, NPO…

  • Away From Keyboard

    Away From Keyboard

    Youtube serie visual identity Client: NPO 3 S/o: Sandeur, Gijs In AFK, Frank Slotta takes gamers away from keyboard to see if their skills mean anything in real life. Not only did I create a visual identity, but I made a modular visual system using MOGRT’s. Which gave the video editor complete control over visuals,…