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  • Elitepauper


    Kleermaker van de buitenbeentjes. Client: Elitepauper S/o: Freek ❤️  Besides being a book and a fashion line, Elitepauper is the biggest community of football-cult, gabber-cult and lads culture in the Netherlands. It’s a brand I’m really proud to represent. As its main message is about being yourself, even if it doesn’t fit the status quo.…

  • Anderzorg Bedtime Stories

    Anderzorg Bedtime Stories

    Sleep, sleep, sleep, go to sleep. Agency: Blauw Gras Client: Anderzorg S/o: Fleur, Ruby & Rosa Sleep is important. But the fact that we all check our phones before we go to sleep prevents us from getting a real good night sleep. The blue light of your screen basically tells your body to stay awake. Anderzorg…